Where To Get A Suit

Choosing a suit to wear will be a difficult and confusing choice to make. Whether it be for a wedding, prom, business meeting, or a social event that requires a suit a lot of factors will be put into consideration. Of course before choosing you imagine yourself in a suit looking fresh and fly with your cool suit. Even if you do not want to think it every man would like to look good in his suit no matter what occasion.  Although,things would have to start with choosing between a store bought suit or a tailor made suit or a made to measure.  

Bespoke suits or custom made suits have been one of the lead place to buy suits chosen by business people and people who are getting married or going to a junior or senior prom. Bespoke means that it is made to order meaning you have to go to a tailor to have him make the suit. When going to a bespoke suit maker it is a long series of events that lead to the final product which is the suit. First off, the tailor makes you choose the fabric and cloth used for the suit and makes a new pattern fit to your body type. The pattern is more than just measurements, it also takes not of the shoulder slope, and the fit of the pants on your legs. There are also multiple fittings for this because the suit must be perfect which is why multiple fittings are needed so the tailor can really make the suit tailored to your body. Next comes fabric selection wherein the tailor usually shows you a scrapbook filled with all the different fabrics his shop has to offer and you will pick from those fabrics. Also you have total creative control over how the suit looks because you are paying the tailor so what you say goes. Although due to all the factors that come into the tailor made suits it will probably set you back at least a thousand dollars for a nice tailor made suit. 

Now for the off the rack suits. These are basically the suits you find in the department store or any store that sells suit in the malls. These suits you have no creative control over and the suit may not fit you as well as the custom made suit would have but the fit is just enough that you will look good. These suits although not as fit to your body type or not the type of fabric you wanted are still suits and are gonna look the same and will cost significantly cheaper. These suits will cost significantly less but will not look horrendous when compared to a tailor made suit it will be half a notch or a notch below it.  

Now for the made to measure suits. These suits are slightly better than the store bought but is not quite as good as the custom made ones in terms of quality. The only fitting that happens is when you send in your measurements and again no creative control over the suit. Choosing from their selection is the only decision you get to make in terms of the look of the suit.  

Truly, there are many choices to choose from when buying a suit and these three choices are the only ways to go. It will all depend to how good the quality of the suit you want and the budget you will account for when choosing amongst the three. 

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