Pulling off a Suit

There comes a point in every man’s life where he will have to wear a suit. Be it at a sibling or friend’s wedding, his own wedding, or maybe even at his junior or senior prom. It is imperative that he will wear a suit on at least one of those occasions and he must know how to pull it off. No matter who he is a man wants to look good. Wearing the suit is the best   

opportunity for a man to look fly. Here are some of the must know suit tips every man should consider when wearing a suit. 

First and most importantly, make sure the suit you picked fits perfectly. Make sure it is not too small or too big. Pulling of a suit will need to make sure that the fit of the suit is perfect so that it looks good. The suit will not reach its full potential if the suit does not look good on you. One of the most important thing to look for when fitting the suit is the shoulders and the pants part of the suit. If the shoulders are fit perfectly there should be no creases and it should fall effortlessly on the shoulders. As for the pants it should fall directly on your shoes and its should not. An indicator of the pants not fitting is if it reaches the floor or is showing your socks when you walk. Now onto the tie. The tie’s length should be just right for the suit and just right means that it falls directly over the belt of the pants and does not overlap it or is too far away from the belt as well. Also the tie of the suit should match the size of the lapel of the suit. The suit’s lapel if big then the tie should be big and if it is small then the tie too should be small. Adding a pocket square will give your look another dimension but its is not required. If one chooses to wear a pocket square the color should be drastically different from the tie. 

On the other hand, the jacket of the suit should just overlap the zipper of the pants and close to the hips. Anything over or below that will change the look of the suit. A must do when wearing suit is only to button one button all the time. Either a single breasted or double breasted suit with three buttons only one should be buttoned and preferably the one in the middle for the double breasted suit with three buttons. Also make sure the length of the polo inside the jacket is about half an inch seen when arms are down. If it is not seen than the polo is too short or the jacket is too long and if it is leaking out uncontrollably maybe it is the polo that needs to be changed.  

All of these tips are a must when pulling of a suit. These reminders are here to help you when using a suit. It is your choice to use them or not. Truly, when wearing a suit the most important thing to remember is confidence because that is the key that will set you above amongst the rest.  

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