Why You Should Prefer Car Detailing Over Car Washing

If you want to clean your car, you actually have two options to go about it. There’s regular car washing and there’s car detailing. Between these two options, car detailing is your best choice. It offers more intensive cleaning than traditional car washing.  

Given that the services are more complicated, it goes without saying that car detailing will cost more than just car washing. Car detailing may set you back some $100. Car washing would cause even less. If you decide to clean your car yourself, you can even get the services for free. So, why you should pay for the service? 

Car Detailing Explained  

If you take advantage of car detailing service, then your car’s interiors will be meticulously vacuumed. A cleaning compound is applied to all the plastics in the car and then wiped off using a towel. Then the conditioner is applied to protect the parts from sun damage. For the glasses, a special type of cleaner will be used. 

But the work of a car detailer doesn’t end there. They will also take a look at the engine of your car. They will inspect, clean, spray, degreaseand dry it using compressed air. A conditioner will also be applied. The painted parts of the car are also waxed. 

Car Detailing Process 

After cleaning the interior of your car, they’ll work on the exterior as well. To do that, they’ll inspect, clean, and wash the outside of your car using a special car wash compoundAfter that, the car will be rinsed and then wiped with towel. If contaminants are still present, it will be removed using a clay bar. Then there’s an option to get the car buffed but that may take a few hours. The last step is to apply polish to the car’s panels and for the tires, a dressing is applied. To make sure that everything is done right, the car is inspected under the bright sun. That way, nothing is missed. 

Compared to car washing, which usually takes 15 minutes, car detailing may take several hours. If you want a more intensive type of service, it may take you a full day to get everything done. When it comes to the results, car detailing is more thorough and meticulous than car washing. 

Investing in Car Detailing 

As stated earlier, car detailing costs a lot more than car washing. This is because of the intricacy of all the processes involved in the service. Every part of your car will be cleaned thoroughly and state-of-the-art equipment will be used in the process. Furthermore, highly qualified professionals will be ones who’ll handle the job.   

While car detailing will cost you a lot of money compared to taking your car to the washers or doing the cleaning yourself, the service is all worth it. The car detailer will even ensure that your car won’t be damaged throughout the process. Your vehicle will look new, just like the day you took it out of the showroom.  To know more about the service, talk with an expert in car detailing St Petersburg. They should give you more information about it.