Types of Suits

Suits are one of the best outfits a man can sport whenever they go on something formal like weddings or important business meetings. They have a lot of uses and can be used on any occasion. It gives a man a sense of power when he fits in the right suit. It makes the man look more powerful and demands respect. There are a lot of different types of suits for different types of occasions. Many times a guy would have to wear a suit especially if he works in the corporate world.  Here are some of the different types of suits that can be tailor made or store bought. 

One type of suit out there is the single breasted suit. These are the types of suits that only have one or two buttons for the coat. It is one of the more widely known suit and is found almost everywhere. As for the double breasted suit these are the suits with three or more buttons and is a more formal type of suit as compared to the single breasted suit. The peak lapels of the double breasted suit is one of the standout features with the numerous buttons as well as compared to the single breasted suit. The double breasted suit would actually need more cloth than single breasted suits which is why it was a rarity before and was usually used by old war veterans during the world war age. The double breasted suits would actually fit taller men better than shorter men due to the number of buttons on the double breasted suit. One button suits are more for tuxedos and worn during black tie events while two button suits are for social and business events. As for the three button suit, men who would choose to wear waistcoats would prefer to use these and are primarily for more formal events.  

Now on to the fit of the suits. There are three types of suit fits namely, sack, structured, and fitted. These silhouettes are usually what sets the tone of the appearance of your suit and is found on the jacket of the suit. A sack or brooks brother suit is more of a shapeless type of suit. It just hangs on your body and is not really as what tailors would call a perfect fit. For the structured silhouettes, these are the type of suit jacket wherein it is the most formal type of jacket and is based on military uniform. The fitted silhouettes are for the more fit men as it gives a fit look and is more often than not tailored. As for the suit jacket pockets there are five types. Namely the patch, ticket, angled, flap, and jetted pocket. The pockets of the jacket will usually depend on what kind of suit you are wearing and those pockets are arranged in the most casual up to the most formal.  

There are a lot more details that can be said about suits but these are one of the most general types of suits and some the details in them. Suits are great for men and all men should have at least one suit in there closet for any special occasion or important gatherings and meetings. Truly, the suit will be one of those timeless outfits that will live on forever.